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Introducing the SK-280 Metal Bed Punch Card Flatbed Knitting Machine, a versatile and reliable crafting tool with a 4.5mm needle gauge and 200 needles spaced perfectly at 4.5mm intervals. Equipped with a convenient row counter, this machine mirrors the features of the renowned Singer Studio Knitmaster SK280 Knitting Machines.

Being a punchcard machine, no additional software or accessories are needed to create automatic stitch patterns.

Explore automated stitching options for Brioche, Multi-color Brioche, Slip, Multi-color Slip, Fair Isle, Punch Lace, Weaving, Plating, and Tuck Lace textures exclusive to knitting machines. While Lace, eyelet, and openwork can be hand-manipulated, the optional Lace Carriage accessory automates these processes. Similarly, ribbings can be automated with the ribber accessory. Hand manipulation is reserved for cables and knit-purl combinations.

The SK-280 excels in handling Lace, Fingering, Sport, and some DK weight yarns. With a 24-stitch punch card pattern center, this machine empowers you to create intricate designs effortlessly. Perfect for fingering and sport weight yarns, it stands as a reliable companion in your creative journey.

Key Features:

  • 4.5mm Needle Gauge
  • 200 Needle Metal Bed
  • 24-stitch repeating pattern area
  • Punch Card Designs
  • Single Bed Knitting Machine
  • Made in China
  • US Delivery only
Join the community of machine knitters and let the SK-280 be your partner in crafting exquisite garments. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or a novice, this standard gauge knitting machine opens up a world of possibilities. Create from morning to evening, and let your imagination run wild with the SK-280..

Expand the possibilities with a Lace Carriage

Expand the possibilities MORE with a SRP60N ribber.

SK280 Standard Gauge Knitting Machine by Knitcraft

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Color Changer

Intarsia Carriage

Lace Carriage