By definition, an Infinity Scarf or Mobius scarf has no beginning and no end. The challenge to knitting a mobius on a knitting machine is to create a reversible fabric. For single bed machines that means turning your work or reforming stitches.

Alternating stockinette with reverse stockinette helps tame the stockinette curl.
This quick project creates a scarf that's not only reversible, but it has minimal stockinette curl.

Skills needed:
Knit this scarf and brush up (or learn) the skills needed to create reversible fabric PLUS try an invisible seam worked on the knitting machine (Kitchener Grafting on a knitting machine).

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Nancy M
 Nov 23, 2021
Great project. You can make it wider and use it as a head wrap or a shoulder wrap. The techniques learned will improve your knitting.