It's a fact: We can only knit as wide as our needlebed

Whether you are knitting a blanket or a sweater, you probably have discovered the fact that our knitting machines have a limited number of needles to work with. This means we can only knit pieces that are a limited size.

Unlike hand knitting, we can't use a longer cable needle and add more stitches. We have to get creative to knit larger pieces on the machine.

Options for machine knitters:

1Use a stitch pattern that uses fewer stitches per inch
  • Tuck, lace and stitch patterns with needles out of work can knit wider than plain stockinette and may give you more width needed.

2Knit in panels

3Use a ribber and "U" (tubular) knitting (stockinette or hand-manipulation only)

How wide can you knit?

How many needles do you have available?
100 Needles
110 Needles
150 Needles
200 Needles
272 Needles

Bulky Machine (9mm Needle Pitch )
110 needles

Mid-Gauge Machine (6.5mm)
150 needles

Standard Machine (4.5mm)
200 needles

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What do you do to knit wider pieces? Please Comment below

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Joanne S
 Mar 17, 2022
I have yet to unwrap my Knitting Machines and discorver the course you offer. Thank you. I want to shine.