It's a fact: We can only knit as wide as our needlebed

Whether you are knitting a blanket or a sweater, you probably have discovered the fact that our knitting machines have a limited number of needles to work with. This means we can only knit pieces that are a limited size.

Unlike hand knitting, we can't use a longer cable needle and add more stitches. We have to get creative to knit larger pieces on the machine.

Options for machine knitters:

1Use a stitch pattern that uses fewer stitches per inch
  • Tuck, lace and stitch patterns with needles out of work can knit wider than plain stockinette and may give you more width needed.

2Knit in panels

How wide can you knit?

How many needles do you have available?
100 Needles
110 Needles
150 Needles
200 Needles
272 Needles

Bulky Machine (9mm Needle Pitch )
110 needles

Mid-Gauge Machine (6.5mm)
150 needles

Standard Machine (4.5mm)
200 needles

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Joanne S
 Mar 17, 2022
I have yet to unwrap my Knitting Machines and discorver the course you offer. Thank you. I want to shine.

Dara M
 Mar 16, 2022
Close each chart before opening a different needle count chart to see different numbers.

Nancy M
 Mar 15, 2022
The chart had the same numbers for all of the different needle I reading the charts wrong?