Are you looking for a little stitch pattern inspiration? The Stitch World pattern books are a go-to for machine knitting "eye-candy".

Organized by stitch type (tuck, slip, fairisle, etc) they provide images of knitted samples as well as the chart for each pattern.

If you are using an electronic machine, simply copy the diagram into your electronics.

For punchcard machines look for patterns that will fit on a 24 stitch punchcard. Look for Stitch Multiple | Stitch Repeat of 4,6,8,12,24 to copy.


Brother 930/940 machines

Brother 965/965I machines

Brother 970 machines

The stitch patterns in PDF format are available at

The stitch patterns in DesignaKnit format are installed with the DesignaKnit program.
Depending on the installation, they can be found in the local drive:
  • >User
  • >Document
  • >Brother
  • >DesignaKnit 8(9)
  • >Brother
  • >Stitch_World

Knit it Now Member BONUS:

Included with your membership: The Knit it Now Stitch Technique Library with some unusual stitch patterns to try with your machine.

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