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Gauge Rulers (scales) are used to establish gauge based on measuring a swatch over a specific number of stitches and rows.
Traditionally they they are colored (green, yellow, blue) but more importantly, the stitches and rows should be indicated on the ruler. They are often associated with the gauge of machine they came with. (Standard, Mid-gauge, Bulky)

The scale of any ruler is designed to measure a specific number of stitches and rows. They ARE NOT based on the machine pitch.

Green Ruler 40 sts / 60 rows
Yellow Ruler 30 sts / 40 rows
Blue Ruler 20 sts / 30 rows

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DIY gauge rulers:
  • Print a ruler on heavy paper (card stock)
  • Cut it out as directed
  • Fold
  • Laminate or tape to a straight edge

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Watch as we use yellow, blue and green rulers on the same swatch ... with the same results:

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Linda D
 Aug 10, 2022
I’m going to give it a go! I have never used them but with Sue’s help I may be able to grasp the concept! ??

Nancy M
 Aug 9, 2022
I've only used standard rulers as no gauge rulers came with my original machine. But, I've found gauge rulers in more recently purchased machines and will now give them a try. (Old dogs and new tricks , you know)

Pat B
 Aug 9, 2022
Yes I use all three of the rulers for my swatches on different gauge machines (and handknit swatches too). Saves all the counting.

Carolyn K
 Aug 9, 2022
Very helpful. I never new!