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Q: Are punchcards interchangeable?
A: Punchcards made by different machine makers may look a little bit different, but they can be used in the same machines with some restrictions.
Commonly you will find 24 stitch punchcards. They can be used on any 24 stitch punchcard machine.
(8 stitch or 12 stitch punchcards cannot be used with a 24 stitch machine)

The mechanism on some machines may sit lower than others, causing less of the card to be visible.

The key is understanding the position of the punchcard mechanism in the body of the knitting machine.
Determine how many rows you need to advance for YOUR machine to position the first row of the stitch pattern correctly.

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Sue J
 May 23, 2023
Karen R shared that she uses these storage bins for her punchcards. They are 17.5" at the widest point - nice and wide for those long cards.

Sue J
 Nov 2, 2022
Good tip! Thanks!

Katherine B
 Nov 1, 2022
I mark mine at the appropriate number S or B, so I don't forget!