You can knit socks!

Knitting socks on a knitting machine are is fast, fun project that allows for lots of creativity. Keep someone's toes warm with your own designs.
They aren't hard and don't have to be intimidating.

  1. Start with a long tail (for seaming)
  2. Reduce yarn ends (plan ahead)
  3. Use your thumb
  4. Prevent heel holes
  5. Why are there holes?
  6. Understand automatic vs manual wrap

Knit it Now Machine Knit-Ables are a curated collection of hand knitting patterns that are appropriate for machine knitters.

Ankle Socks

Beautiful and sweet, lace socks with a fun ruffle is sure to please the girl in your life.

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Maze Socks

The graphic qualities of the mosaic maze pattern are softened with the yarn’s variations in color. This is a fun pair of socks to get lost in, happily knitting while watching the different colors work their magic.

The peasant heel is constructed after the main sock is complete, allowing

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Teenage Kicks Socks

This simple pattern is perfect for those wanting to practice their sock making skills and show self-striping yarns to their fullest advantage! Colorful with plenty of punky attitude, you'll soon have a new pair of stripey socks to get your kicks right through the night.

It's your choice:

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