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Knitters graph paper is a continuous grid sized to resemble knitting stitches. Unlike "normal" graph paper, the divisions are rectangles.

Knitting stitches are not square.

When drafting curves or creating stitch patterns, knitters graph paper is essential to plan designs "to scale".

The Knit it Now Graph FREE paper tool offers "to scale" graph paper based on YOUR gauge

Why use Knitters Graph Paper?

1Drafting Shapes

Drafting shapes (necklines, sleeves) mathematically can be a challenge (especially curves).

Using Graph paper is a much easier and more accurate way to get knitting instructions.

Draw the shape on knitters graph paper, then follow the boxes along the shape to create knitting instructions. Each box represents one stitch and one row.
2Stitch patterns

To keep stitch motifs from being distorted, create the design on "to scale" graph paper. (no surprises after you knit!)

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