Machine knitters, get creative with yarn and color!

Use 2 (or more) thin yarns and make a unique yarn.

1 Run 2 strands of contrasting (or complementary) colors together as you knit.  The yarn will "automatically" create interesting stripes for a graphic design

2Use a yarn twister and the stripes disappear and you get a marled fabric

What's a yarn twister?
A yarn twister is a nifty device that looks similar to a yarn ball winder . It gives you the ability to twist multiple strands of yarn together. It helps to create a smoother, stronger, and more consistent yarn.

  • Twisting will blend colors and change the texture of the resulting yarn strand.
  • You can twist a fancy or textured yarn with a plain yarn.
  • Make thicker yarn and interesting color combinations.
  • Use very fine yarns that may not be suitable to knit singly on the machine
You can find twisters in the used equipment market. Search for Daruma yarn twister

This sample is knitted in full-needle rib (all needles in work) with the beautiful Jaggerspun Superfine Merino 2/18

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An V
 Mar 26, 2023
I have a daruma yarn twister, it's a very pratical accessory