You may have noticed the bend in your machine's tension mast. It's there for a purpose!

Here's a secret:
This is one of the few machine setups that isn't critical. The purpose of the tension mast is to guide the working yarn through the tension dial to control the flow of the yarn to the yarn feeder(s) of the carriage(s).

In spite of what your manual says, if your mast is leaning to the back or front, it really doesn't matter, as long as your yarn is feeding smoothly.

If your machine is close to the wall, you may want to turn the mast so it isn't hitting the wall.

Single Bed machine (flat, no ribber)

The mast is upright and leaning away from you

With Ribber (tilted)

The mast is leaning toward you (and not hitting the wall behind your table)

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Ribber setup

You manual tells you to lean the mast toward you when setting up your ribber.

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Cherie S
 Mar 9, 2023
Glad you put this video together. I had my standard gauge backwards. I think the previous owner had put it away after using it on the ribber, then when I went to adjust it for the ribber, I actually placed it for a single bed because I thought it was put away correctly before I got the machine. Funny how something simple can easily be done wrong it you don't have the whole picture and demonstration.

Tuula P
 Mar 8, 2023
Thank you for the information! I don't think the thread comes smoothly from the thread guide for me either. I haven't dared to disassemble the thread tensioning part, because I don't know if I can make it work at all.