When knitting on a machine, weights are used to hold the fabric down while the machine is knitting. Weight is needed to ensure the stitches form correctly.

Weights come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different knitting machines, yarn weights, and fabric thicknesses. Some weights are designed specifically for use with double-bed knitting machines, while others are designed for use on any type of machine.


Claw Weights

The "claws" grab onto the stitches and can be easily moved up as the knitting grows. (No you won't damage your knitting)


Ribber Weights

Ribber weights are most often used with a Ribber Cast On Comb for double bed knitting (and they hang between the beds)

In this example, the ribber cast on comb and weights were used for single bed knitting to add even weight across the knitting.


Weight Hangers

Specialty hangers can extend the use of weights.

Triangle Weight Hanger

Using weights will ensure your stitches form more cleanly and will help you have success even with those "problem" yarns and stitch patterns

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Cherie S
 Mar 9, 2023
Thank you for showing the various weights and how they are used. Question: Can you use a cast-on comb like one of those weight hangers?