No matter what cast on method you use, it's important to secure the yarn tail when casting on so the first few stitches knit correctly.

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How do you secure the yarn tails when you cast on or start a new yarn end?

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Terri S
 Feb 25, 2023
I use small metal clamps, they are secure and have a little bit of weight to them. They are actually welders clamps I found at Harbor Freight

Diane B
 Feb 22, 2023
I use sewing clips for marking rows. If I am doing repeats, I put the clip on every 5th row, so I can keep track of the count easily. I use metal clips with magnets that hold onto the metal stand, for grabbing ends of yarn for the bulky & ribber. It's very strong. For intarsia, I use alligator clips with red or black tips, to signify the beginning & end of yarns, so I can bury the yarns properly (one is woven diagonally up, the other, diagonally down - makes for a neater front) I also use the alligator clips to grab the end of the yarn before the ravel cord row, and after the waste yarn is knitted, I clip both ends. Using this method, I only need to knit about 10 rows of waste yarn SAFELY, because the yarn never unravels, even if I catch it on an object.

Donna B
 Feb 22, 2023
I've used spring clothes pins but most of them are not very smoothly sanded and can cause snagging and I've actually had them get tangled. Honestly it's not convenient to sand them down smooth either - time consuming and you can't reach some spots. I use the chip clips now and the ones I've gotten have magnets on the back so I can just stick them onto my lamp pole, the tension mast or some metal surface - I have a rolling cart/work stand with a metallic strip I glued onto it so they're REAL secure there!

Sue J
 Feb 22, 2023
I believe it's from my Silver Reed 840

Karen T
 Feb 22, 2023
Just curious: the last image of the clip on the carriage? - what machine is that / what carriage?

My singer sk700 doesn’t have that clip

I use hemostats for clips as they are on hand from my circular sock machine experience

Meyet F
 Feb 22, 2023
Love it. Your handy hints always so helpful for me. Thank you so much.