Calling all machine knitters!
We have an exciting opportunity that combines your love for knitting with a chance to make a difference in the world.

At Knit it Now, we've partnered with the remarkable charity Soapsacks ( to join a knitting initiative to connect people from all over the world while crocheting/knitting soap sacks and then donating them (with a bar of soap in each one) to homeless shelters, food pantries, veteran clinics, relief efforts and social service agencies.

Since starting S.A.C.K., it is estimated that over 280,000 soap sacks have been distributed by volunteers in every state in the U.S., as well as Asia, Australia, Europe and Canada. The response has also been overwhelmingly positive, with over 9,000 Facebook followers. There is a definite need for toiletries throughout the underserved population.

Plus, we're hosting a fun contest with incredible prizes up for grabs. Get ready to showcase your skills and join us in this impactful journey!

Why Soap Sacks?
Stacy Wiener, Founder of S.A.C.K. (Supporting A Community with Kindness), discovered through volunteering at food pantries, that there was a lack of essential toiletries available. One key reason is that people are not able to use government subsidies, such as food stamps (i.e. SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), to purchase them.

When it comes to deciding on whether to eat vs. buy soap and shampoo, the choice becomes simple.
Ready to knit soap sacks?
Any pattern can be used as long as the finished sacks are approximately 4 x 6 inches and a loop or drawstring is added. The yarn should be cotton – it’s soft and easy to wash.

Premier Home, Sugar n Cream as well as Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton and Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton are all great yarns to use when making soap sacks. Want a yarn on cones with lots of colors? Try Knit Picks Dishie

Recommended yarns

Knit it Now Machine Knitting Patterns

No time to knit? Here are other ways of supporting this amazing organization.
Donate to S.A.C.K.

How to Participate:
  1. Knit soap sacks following the provided instructions (or your preferred pattern).
  2. Take clear and attractive photos of your completed soap sacks.
  3. Share your photos on the Knit it Now Soap Sack Pattern Page
  4. Briefly share your inspiration, the knitting techniques used, and any special details about your soap sacks.
Contest Guidelines:
  1. The soap sacks must be machine-knit (or a combination of hand and machine)
  2. They must be 4" x 6" with a loop or drawstring
  3. They must include a new bar of soap (in the original packaging)
  4. Multiple entries are allowed, so feel free to knit and submit as many soap sacks as you like.
  5. Photos should be clear, well-lit, and highlight the beauty and craftsmanship of your soap sacks.
  6. It's recommended (but not required) that you attach a tag to each soap sack. Templates here
  7. Sacks (with bars of soap) can be donated to your local homeless shelters, food pantries, veteran clinics, relief efforts and social service agencies or mailed to :
    PO Box 33
    Allenhurst, NJ 07711

Your contribution will help individuals in need
and make a lasting impact on their lives.
  1. Most Creative: A Soap Sack Tote Bag from Knit it Now and Soapsacks (
  2. Best use of Color :A Soap Sack Tote Bag from Knit it Now and Soapsacks (
  3. Most Original: A Soap Sack Tote Bag from Knit it Now and Soapsacks (
  4. Most Sacks donated: A 3 month membership (or extension) to Knit it Now.
Contest Deadline:

The contest begins on June1, 2023 and ends at Midnight (PST) June 30, 2023. Late entries will not be considered.

Join us in this inspiring contest, share your creativity, and spread the joy of knitting soap sacks for a worthy cause.
Together, we can make a difference, one stitch at a time!

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Linda D
 Jun 12, 2023
Sounds like fun! I think I’ll make some of these. I used to make them a lot by hand knitting.

Terri S
 Jun 8, 2023