Yes! Knits that Fit!

  • Are you always happy with your knits?
  • Do you struggle with the same fit issues over and over?
  • Do you choose your knitting pattern size by your body measurement?
  • Discover how to make knits that fit YOU! Learn common fit issues and how to fix them.
Apply what you learn to your next knitting project. You'll be delighted with the results!

Here are 4 ways to get sweaters that FIT:

1 Use Knit it Now Patterns
ANY yarn | ANY gauge | ANY Machine | ANY Stitch pattern

2 Use Software (DesignaKnit)

3 Do the math (Pencil and paper)

4 Use Charting Devices

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Why hope that the knitwear designer had YOUR BODY in mind when she designed and charted the sweater?

Make it your own!

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Carolyn B
 Aug 24, 2023
Hi Sue, I've used Susan Lazear's Garment Designer for over two decades for all my custom and costume work. I did a DesignaKnit class at a seminar once and couldn't make head nor tail of it. GD is very intuative and a little less costly than DaK. GD was the one to use if you worked on a Mac back when I first purchased it.

Cheers, Carolyn