Unlock the Power of DesignaKnit: Brother verses Silver/Singer/Studio knitting machines

DesignaKnit, a popular knitting software, is a valuable tool that can elevate your knitting projects to new heights. However, it's important to note that DesignaKnit interacts differently with various knitting machines, and understanding these differences is crucial before you invest in the software.

USB Port Compatibility:
Both Brother and Silver Reed knitting machines can use the same USB port for pattern transfer, but it's essential to note that the cables used for connecting the knitting machine to your computer may differ between the two brands. Cable Links info

DesignaKnit with Brother Electronic Knitting Machines:

Stitch Pattern Transfer:
With Brother electonic knitting machines, DesignaKnit simplifies the process by allowing you to seamlessly transfer your chosen stitch pattern to the internal memory of the knitting machine. This means that you can create intricate designs on your computer (with a larger screen) and send them directly to your knitting machine.

Automatic Patterning:
Once the pattern resides in the knitting machine's memory, Brother's automatic patterning controls take over. These controls handle needle selection and other important knitting tasks, ensuring that your design is faithfully replicated stitch by stitch. This remarkable feature allows you to disconnect your computer from the knitting machine, giving you the freedom to work on other projects or tasks while your knitting machine diligently brings your vision to life.

DesignaKnit with Silver/Singer/Studio Electronic Machines:

Pattern Transfer, Row by Row:
When working with Silver/Singer/Studio electronic knitting machines and DesignaKnit, the process is slightly different. Instead of downloading the entire stitch pattern to the knitting machine's memory, DesignaKnit sends the pattern to the machine row by row in real-time. This means that your computer remains connected to the knitting machine throughout the knitting process.

No Internal Memory:
Unlike Brother machines, Silver Reed knitting machines do not have internal memory for storing patterns. As a result, your computer serves as the "brain" of the operation, continuously feeding instructions to the knitting machine. This requires you to keep your computer connected.

Learning DesignaKnit Just Got Easier!


DesignaKnit is a versatile and powerful tool for knitters, catering to various knitting machine brands with their unique capabilities. Understanding how DesignaKnit interacts with your specific knitting machine is essential to success with using the software. Whether you're working with a Brother Electronic or Silver/Singer/Studio Electronic machine, DesignaKnit helps you to bring your creative knitting visions to life.

So if you use a Brother machine with the internal memory and automatic controls or a Silver/Singer/Studio machine with the real-time, computer-connected approach, DesignaKnit has you covered, helping you craft stunning and intricate knitwear with confidence and precision.

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Tina B
 Oct 6, 2023
Brother electronics have many stitch patterns buildt inn, with written shaping information or the knitleader you are ready to go, even with sewing patterns as shapingsource.

A Silver reed electronic machine NEEDS DAK for patterning. Without it is just another non patterning machine, everything handtooled. And the interaktiv knitting function is a little bit fuzzy, falls out sometimes, that is annoying. But you can have the shaping instructions integrated in the interactiv knitting. That is practical.

Sue J
 Oct 6, 2023
I'm glad to be of help. The logic behind how DAK links to the machines is very different, even though it works the same.

An V
 Oct 6, 2023
Thanks for this explications. I have a brother KH940 with Dak but I like buy a silver reed SK860. Now I understand the difference between the using off Dak on the two knitting machines.