I'm sure you've discovered that there aren't many knitwear designers creating patterns for machine knitters today.

But there are many talented designers creating new hand knitting patterns.

Instead of settling for sweater designs from the 80's or trying to write your own, dip into the wealth of hand knitting patterns available from the hand knitting world.
Dip into the wealth of
hand knitting patterns
available from the
hand knitting world

3 methods for you to try

Devote a few minutes to explore all 3

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Match the Designer's Gauge

Calculate the row counts from the pattern
and translate the hand knitting instructions

Recalculate your YOUR Gauge

Do the math ...
use your calculator and substitute YOUR gauge

Skip the Math:

Use Knit it Now Patterns
ANY machine | ANY yarn

3 Ways to use Hand Knitting Patterns for Machine Knitting

1 Match the Designer's Gauge
  • When using a hand knitting pattern, read through the ENTIRE pattern and understand the hand knitting abbreviations, terms and techniques.

  • It may take some "translating" to machine knitting terms. For example, if the pattern is written for knitting in the round, you'll need to calculate knitting it flat.

  • Is the stitch pattern possible or practical on the machine?
Hand knitters rarely count rows. For machine knitters it's critical that we know how many rows to knit. A hand knitting pattern may say "Knit in pattern for 7 inches". Machine knitters need to multiply that measurement by our row gauge.

Creating a sketch or a schematic can help
Download and print a worksheet to sketch out your "translated" knitting instructions especially any row counts.
Row Counts Worksheet
This method is fast

Save time by selecting the same or similar yarn as the original pattern
BUT ....
  • You'll need to learn/understand hand knitting abbreviations, terms and techniques
  • The original yarn is not always available
  • It may take multiple swatches to to match gauge
  • It may take multiple swatches to to match gauge
  • Often hand knitting patterns don't have diagrams, making it harder to convert to machine knitting, especially the row counts

2 Recalculate YOUR Gauge
With this method, you don't have to match the designer's gauge. You can use any yarn and establish your own gauge.
Knit and accurately measure your swatch. Then use your gauge to recalculate the knitting instructions.
  1. Establish and use a ratio between the original gauge and your gauge.

  2. Work through all the instructions in the pattern, multiplying the numbers by the ratios.
For example:
  • The stitch ratio is 1.5
  • The pattern instructs you to "cast on 60 stitches"
  • Multiply 60 x 1.5 = 90
  • The new cast on instruction is "cast on 90 stitches"
Repeat this for both stitches and rows in the entire pattern
Divide YOUR stitch gauge by the PATTERN stitch gauge
Divide YOUR row gauge by the PATTERN row gauge

Use these answers to convert the pattern knitting instructions
Use the FREE Knit it Now Gauge Conversion Tool
Download and print a worksheet to sketch out your "translated" knitting instructions especially any row counts.
Ratio Conversion Worksheet
If you are comfortable with math...

If you are comfortable with the math, converting with Ratios isn't hard

You can use any yarn - no need to spend time matching gauge
BUT ....

Converting basic knitting instructions is fairly easy, but more math is needed for the shaping sections (shaped sleeves, necklines, armholes)

Knit it Now Charting Tools can help.


Unlimited usage of Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns is included with a Membership to Knit it Now.
Knit it Now patterns are different than patterns you've used before. Instead of forcing you to use a specific machine, yarn and stitch pattern, you can build your own custom pattern based on your choices.

3 Skip the Math: With Knit it Now
Dynamically create CUSTOM patterns
  • Based on YOUR gauge (no math)
  • Perfect Fit to YOUR measurements
  • No software to install - web-based on any device
Men, Women, Plus and Kids patterns are available. Included are the most popular neckline and sleeve styles, shaped bodies, A-line shapes

Other fun styles like dog sweaters, hats, socks and mittens too!
Knit it Now patterns are custom generated based on YOUR gauge.

No more matching the designer's gauge or doing a bunch of math.

  1. Choose your pattern style
  2. Enter YOUR gauge
  3. Choose / customize your size

No math - knit your swatch, choose your style, choose and customize your size and get knitting!

Customizable sizing - knit to fit YOU!

No cryptic abbreviations

Save paper, the patterns are designed to display on a tablet at your machine

No software to purchase, learn, install or maintain

What you need:

You need to be able to recognize the basic sweater shape of the hand knit original.
If you can recognize sleeve styles and neckline shapes, you can easily choose from over 400 patterns.

Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns are different from patterns you've used in the past. Watch a quick video to learn more

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