Add this designer touch to any sweater

A recent Machine Knit-Able (Morning Tracks from Universal Yarns) featured an asymmetric hem. This design also had a wide decorative band around the lower edge of the sweater.

If we examine the hand knitting pattern from Universal yarns or take a close look at the photo, we can see that this slanted hem was created with short rows.

How to knit this?

  1. Cast on the instructed number of stitches for the hem of the sweater
  2. Knit a hem or 2 rows (the original has a wide band knit separately)
  3. Put all needles into hold position
  4. Return groups of needles to working position (don't forget to Wrap )
  5. Continue until all needles are in working position
  6. Continue knitting the body of the sweater

Short Row Shaping aka Partial knitting is an essential skill for all machine knitters.

Partial knitting is just as it sounds knit part of a row of knitting instead of the entire row.

Instead of knitting just squares and rectangles, short row shaping can be used to shape your knitting.

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Need info about Short Rows?
You'll find it in the Classroom: Short Row Shaping (Partial Knitting)

How calculate the shaping?

Use the Knit it Now Slope Tool

This tool is designed for any diagonal shape that is wider than it is tall (as opposed to the Magic Formula )

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Julie L
 Nov 23, 2021
This is a really cool design element. I showed it to my sister, and she wants me to incorporate it into a new sweater I'm designing for her. (I do almost all my machine knitting for her.)

nosub n
 Nov 22, 2021
check out the machine knit-able