We don't need to use yarn on cones for our knitting machines. Any yarn that is the appropriate weight for your machine and wound so it will feed cleanly into your machines can be used.

  • Correct weight for your machine
  • Re-wound so it feeds cleanly
Using the information from the ball band or yarn packaging, the guide below can help you choose a yarn that is appropriate for your machine.

knitting machine tip
For more success with your knitting, find a yarn you love and learn how it knits. Use it again and again to prevent having to learn the characteristics of different yarns with every project.

The "Yarn types" terms are different in different parts of the world. What terms do you use? Please comment below

Symbol Category Yarn Types Yards Per Pound 4" (10cm) Machine / Pitch
Lace Lace
10-count crochet thread
4000 - 10,000 ypp 33-40 sts Standard 4.5mm (stranded)
Super fine Sock
3000-4000 ypp 27-32 sts Standard 4.5mm (stranded)
Fine Sport
2000-3000 ypp 23-26 sts Standard 4.5mm / Double Bed
Light DK
Light worsted
1000-2000 ypp 21-24 sts Mid-Gauge 6.0 |6.5| 7mm/Standard 4.5mm
Medium Worsted
800-1000 ypp 16-20 sts Mid-Gauge 6.0 |6.5| 7mm /Bulky 9mm
Bulky Chunky
500-800 ypp 12-15 sts Bulky 9mm
Super Bulky Super bulky
100-500 ypp 6-11 sts May not be appropriate.
The "Yarn types" terms are different in different parts of the world.
What terms do you use and where do they fit in the chart?

Please comment below

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Kristin C
 Mar 14, 2024
I'm in the US. I use lace weight, fingering weight, sport weight, DK weight, Aran or Worsted weight, chunky, and super chunky to describe yarn weights. I do like that they're now putting the number symbols on yarn so it's easier to tell at a glance if it's a candidate for a project.

I get confused with coned yarn weights because the numbering system doesn't make sense to me. And then it's completely different for cotton yarns. I usually buy a shade card for coned yarns so I can also feel the texture and see if I need to double it triple strand.

Hege M
 Mar 11, 2024
I use meters per 50 grams (or 100 grams) That is all I understand (and stitches per 10 cm)

Sheila W
 Mar 9, 2024
I use 2/28 coned yarn. I know that two ends of 2/28 knitted together equals an English 3 ply or a “lace weight” yarn and would be good for double bed knitting on a Passap machine. For knitting on a Japanese machine, I would use 3 or 4 ends together. I don’t wind them together, just run them through the same yarn tension unit. I live in Australia where we are still able to buy coned yarns.

Janet J
 Mar 9, 2024
Being a Brit living in the USA is totally confusing to me. Not only are the yarn definitions different, the crochet terms are too.. I used to know what DK, 4 ply was no problem, now I have to look it up for the American version. Then I started machine knitting, guess what? cone yarn has a language all to itself lol..

Terri S
 Mar 9, 2024
I use the yarn numbers 0-6 Free yourself……..Invest in a good to great ball winder and wind your machine yarn. This establishes some consistency for your machine . AND FIND A YARN YOU LIKE THAT YOUR MACHINES LIKES TOO, AND KNIT A BUNCH OF THINGS OUT OF IT. I think these two things really really help thatmavhine knitting learning curve

Morag W
 Mar 9, 2024
I usuallt use 4ply yarn for my machine but use DK yarn for hand knittingThank you Morag Walker from Dundee in Scotland.

Shirley M
 Mar 9, 2024
4ply is the yarn I mostly use on my standard gauge SK280. I also use yarn count 2/30 either 3 or 4 strands depending on the garment I want to knit. On the LK150 I tend to use UK double knit which comes in balls and readily available. I live in the UK.

Sue J
 Mar 9, 2024
4 ply is one of those "mystery" terms to me (I know it's used commonly in the UK) ... how many yards per pound? What gauge does it knit? Where do you think it fits on the chart? ~Knit it Now Sue

Edith M
 Mar 9, 2024
I haven't used any of the terms above so far. I have a standart maschine and know, be experience, that I can use yarn up to needle 3 with my maschine.

Mary R
 Mar 9, 2024
Metric measurements are used in UK…centimetres and grams eg 150cm/100 gms

Terri S
 Feb 28, 2024
I use the symbols 0-6 ( lace to bulky)