The best knitting machine table .... EVER!

I've been using this table for years and it is the STURDIEST table I've ever used!

Even my bulky machine with a ribber won't move it!  No "walking", no wobble and it's adjustable!

I've set mine up so I can stand when I knit. I find it easier on my back and shoulders to use my legs as I'm pushing the carriage back and forth. An adjustable drafting chair allows me to sit when I'm hand manipulating (or picking up stitches ). As you can see,  there is even room on the back to hold everything (and collect  odds 'n ends)

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Lissa M
 Jul 2, 2023
The top of this bench us 1-1/2” thick … and I’m not convinced that the clamps for my Brother machines can accommodate that. Did you switch out your clamps?

Sue J
 Apr 13, 2022
Thanks, Nancy! You can see details for the light here

Nancy M
 Apr 12, 2022
Great table, and I notice your pvc pipe shoplight holder, too.