Fellow machine knitter, Mijung, is spreading her wings and exploring some design ideas for her machine knitting. She is using the Knit it Now Perfect patterns, but wants to add a designer touch to the basic designs.

To avoid doing a bunch of math or using design software, I suggested she use the Knit it Now tools to calculate the shaping for this asymmetric v-neck pullover she has in mind.

We analyzed the measurements she wants on the image above.

To calculate the PINK edge shaping (3" x 4"), she'll use:

To calculate the YELLOW edge shaping (11" x 4") , she'll use:
Why different tools?
The math for the Pink and Yellow shapes is a bit different.

When you are working less stitches than rows use the Magic Formula Tool (Pink Shape)

When you are working more stitches than rows use the Slope Tool (Yellow Shape)

Do you use DesignaKnit?

Check out the steps for creating this neckline shape in DAK

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