Yes, you can knit socks on an LK-150 knitting machine.

Because this fabulous machine can use a wide range of yarn weights, you can knit sock weight to light worsted weight socks.
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Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Skills Needed
  • Compare Construction Methods
  • Choose your sock style
  • Swatching is NOT optional
  • Knit a Swatch
  • Measure Gauge
  • Ribbing
  • Plain leg with hem
  • Short Row Overview
  • Short Row Practice
  • The Key to Success with Short Rows
  • Your Turn - Short Row Practice
  • Automatic Wrap
  • Start-to-Finish
  • Plaiting for Heels and Toes
  • LK-150 Plaiting
  • Heel Stitch
Purchase This Course
Price: $34.99