This is a FAST and FUN knitting project that will make great gifts and it's perfect for charity knitting.

Included are instructions, practice exercises for suggested techniques and inspiration for personalizing your sweater.

Watch the start-to-finish videos where we knit our version in less than 40 minutes (including a couple of boo-boos!)

The Patterns

  • Free for Subscribers
  • Includes BOTH Squirrel and Chipmunk Cardigan Patterns Your Choice - 2 one-piece sweater styles:
    Squirrel Beginner Cast on, bind off, knit

    Adventurous Beginner Cast on, bind off, knit, increase and decrease (shaped sleeves)
  • Use any machine, yarn or stitch pattern

The Course

  • BOTH Patterns included
  • Subscriber Discount
  • 18 videos
  • Technique Practice Exercises
  • "Hack the pattern tips" to make it your own
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Course Outline

  • How To Use This Course Site
  • Construction Overview
  • Inspiration
  • Ravel Cord
  • Cast on Rag
  • E-Wrap Cast on
  • Scrap on Scrap Off
  • Swatching is NOT Optional!
  • Knit Your Swatch
  • Estimating yarn needed
  • Practice - Yarn Estimate
  • How much Yarn for the Squirrel Sweater?
  • Create Your Personalized Pattern
  • Download Your Pattern
  • Shaped Sleeves Shaping Techniques
  • Short Row Increases and Decreases
  • Practice - Short Row Increase and Decrease
  • Create Your Personalized Pattern
  • Download your Pattern
  • Ready, Set, KNIT!
  • Start To Finish
  • Seaming Choices
  • Ribbing Edges
  • Crochet Edge
  • Blocking
  • I-Cord Edge
  • Hack the Pattern
  • V-Neck Hack
  • Let's talk about Hacking the Pattern
  • Take 2 - Hack the Pattern
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