Does the thought of shaping necklines make you cringe?
Neckline finishes can make or break the appearance of a sweater.
Neckline and Shoulder Shaping Practice
Improve your skills, gain confidence, and get focused on necklines!
Here's what to expect:
  • Using the included Knit it Now Practice Pattern you will knit sample necklines (v-neck and round neck)
  • You will explore different shaping methods to perfect your knitting
  • You will practice knitting and joining shaped shoulders
  • Neckbands and finishing are not part of this course and workshop
After all that practice, you will no longer hesitate to shape necklines AND you'll knit sweaters that you can be proud to wear.

How does this work?
  • Watch the How-To video on each topic
  • Spend time working the exercise for the topic
  • Invest at least 30 minutes of knitting time each day to learn/practice new techniques
  • Take notes as you practice
  • Take photos and share your success
  • The course and pattern are yours to keep. Use them as many times as you like.

What do you need to know?
  • Cast on, Bind off
  • Basic decreasing (we will explore different methods)
  • Use the hold setting for short row shaping
Improve your skills, gain confidence, and get focused on necklines!

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Course Outline

  • Welcome ! Start Here
  • Lesson 1: Swatching is not Optional
  • Lesson 2: Build your Practice Neckline Pattern
  • Lesson 3: Preview/Download your Custom pattern
  • Lesson 4: Using Dynamic Patterns
  • Best Advice Ever!
  • Lesson 1: Short Rows - Automatic Wrap verses Manual Wrap
  • Lesson 2: Bind off Basics
  • Lesson 3: Favorite Bind off
  • Lesson 4: Prevent damage when partial knitting
  • Lesson 5: Neckline Shaping and the Row counter
  • Shaping in Pattern
  • Lesson 1: Decorative Decreases
  • Lesson 2: V-Neck Cardigan Sample
  • Lesson 3: Our Pullover V-Neck Sample
  • Lesson 4: Your turn ... V-Neck Pullover
  • Lesson 5: Asymmetric V-neck Charting
  • Share your progress!
  • Shared Gallery | V-Neck
  • Lesson 1: Compare Shaping Methods
  • Lesson 2: Easy Round Neck Shaping
  • Lesson 3: Perfect round necks
  • Lesson 4: Round Neck Cardigan Sample
  • Lesson 5: Your Turn ... Knit a Round Neckline
  • Share your progress!
  • Shared Gallery | Round Neck
  • Lesson 1: Why Shoulder Shaping?
  • Lesson 2: Shoulder Shaping ... No Stairsteps
  • Lesson 4: Short Row Practice
  • Lesson 5: Getting Fussy
  • Lesson 6: Join the Shoulders
  • Lesson 7: Nelson Seam for Shoulders
  • Lesson 8: Your turn ... Join your Shoulders
  • Share your progress!
  • Shared Gallery | Shoulder Seams
  • Lesson 1: Shallow Back Neck PLUS Shoulder Shaping
  • Lesson 1: Pattern Example
  • Lesson 2: Example - Japanese Notation
  • Lesson 3: Example - Hand Knitting Instructions
  • Share your progress!
  • Shared Gallery | Back Neckline
  • Now that you are an expert ....
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