Thank you for your help in this project. So many knitters get discouraged and give up. They resort to only making blankets and scarves.
Let's put our heads together and explore options for knitting garments that fit and taking control over our knitting.
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Course Outline

  • Can you Relate to this Knitter?
  • NO pattern is one-size-fits-all
  • Machine(s) and Yarn
  • Knitting
  • Silly Question: Do you read?
  • The Secret to Determining to Good Fit
  • Sound Familiar?
  • Not Enough Needles
  • Knit it Now Patterns: Sizing and Ease
  • Are you on board?
  • Swatching is NOT Optional
  • Gauge
  • Gauge swatch verses Tension Swatch
  • Gauge and Drop
  • Swatch #1
  • Swatch #2
  • Swatching: Up close
  • Create your Schematic
  • Info from the Pattern Notes
  • Uncover your MK Pattern Instructions
  • Practice Reading/Translating a HK Pattern
  • Analyze Sweater Styles
  • Sweater Styles Part 2
  • Don't Measure your Body!
  • Select your sweater model
  • Measure and Record
  • Let's keep things simple ... for now
  • Measure the golf sweater
  • The "Perfect" Hand Knitting Pattern
  • Create the Vest with a Charting Device
  • Practice Reading/Translating a HK Pattern
  • Create the Vest in DesignaKnit
  • Can't find YOUR Perfect Sweater?
  • Sleeves too Long
  • Back / Front Too Short
  • Make Room for 'The Girls'
  • Neck Opening Too Wide
  • Upper arm too tight
  • Wrinkles at the Front Armhole
  • Armhole Depth
  • 4 Ways to Address Fit Issues

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