If you've never used your ribber, or you've never used it for more than 1x1 ribbing, this course is for you!

  • Open yourself to a whole new world of machine knitting
  • Create gorgeous fabrics
  • Learn to knit in the round
  • Challenge yourself with techniques that will make you look like a pro!

Think of using your knitting ribber as using 2 knitting machines. Can you tuck and slip and work short rows on your machine? Then you can do these things on the ribber.

The clear, detailed, step-by-step tutorials walk you through mastering your ribber and will re-ignite your passion for your knitting machine! Plus the exercises will help you remember the steps and ensure your success.
  • Videos
  • Exercises
  • Patterns
  • Worksheets
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Course Outline

Get Started
Ready ... Set ... Go!
Set up your ribber
Don't Skip This
Download the worksheets
Casting On
Easist, Best Ribber Cast On
Try These
Swatching on the Double Bed
Swatching is NOT optional
Binding Off
Easy Ribber Bind Off
More Bind Off Options
Practice Makes Progress
Knit a Double Pointed Kerchief/Scarf
Troubleshooting Tips
Mistakes Happen
Knitting in the Round
Put both beds to work
Full Needle Rib
Practice Makes Progress
Double Bed Pintucks
Flat Ribs
Flat Rib Fun!
challenge Yourself
Shaping in Ribbing
1x1 Shaping
2x2 Shaping
Full Needle Rib Shaping
Tuck Rib
Expand your Ribbing Horizons
Bands, Belts and Straps
It's the little things ...
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