Don't just watch videos, take action and GET KNITTING!
Based on a retro pattern, this trio offers a variety of knitting techniques.
  • The sweater can be knit in any stitch pattern and has a buttoned back neck opening
  • The leggings are quick to knit and are as cute as can be!
  • The blanket also can be knit in any stitch pattern PLUS the unique edges are neatly bound in knitting
The outline below shows the detailed instruction that is included with this course. The techniques learned with this trio can be applied to many future knitting projects.

The Dynamic pattern for the sweater and leggings is included in the course.
Purchase the pattern only here.

Scroll through the flipbook below for a preview.
Review the outline below for more details.

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Course Outline

  • Start Here
  • How to use this course site
  • Your Choice of Stitch Patterns
  • Your Turn: Check this out!
  • Original Stitch Pattern
  • Tell us about your sweater
  • Neckline - Cut 'n Sew
  • Cut 'n Sew Practice
  • Neckline - Stitch Patterning
  • Neckline shaping Practice
  • Practice Neckline Pattern
  • Neck Band
  • Neck Band Practice
  • Perfect Button Bands
  • Button Band Practice
  • The Sleeves
  • Create your Dynamic Sweater Pattern
  • Dynamic Tuck Baby Pattern
  • The Retro Pattern
  • Leggings Decisions
  • Waistband Options
  • Blanket Binding
  • Try turning a corner
  • Tell us about your blanket
  • Create Blanket Instructions
  • Kitchener Stitch Seaming
  • Sew-as-you-Go Tricks
  • Seaming on the Machine
  • Ribbed Cuffs - You Have Options
  • Show off your finished Sweater
  • Show off your finished Leggings
  • Show off your finished Blanket
  • You did it ! Download your course binder
  • , Your feedback is appreciated
Purchase This Course
Price: $24.95
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