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Properly Punched Cards

For overall designs (where the pattern repeats vertically) cards are joined in a loop. Using specially designed plastic clips the card will rotate as you knit and the pattern will repeat. In order for the design to be created correctly, the card needs to be punched (and aligned) properly.

  • When inserting the card, the ends will overlap. In order to keep the pattern continuous, 2 complete rows of holes are punched at each end of the card. With these extra rows, when the card is joined, the overlap does not interfere with the pattern design rows.

  • Also notice that there are slight notches in the sides of the card to allow for the joining clips. This helps prevent the clips from jamming in the punchcard mechanism

This card does not have the extra joining rows and the pattern will be interrupted for these rows

This card is punched (and joined) correctly. The pattern will be uninterrupted