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Adapt Designs for your Punchcard Machine

Pre-Punched Cards In addition to the punchcards that came with your machine, you can often pick up card sets or collections from other knitters. Keep in mind the differences between the cards:
  • Not all cards are interchangable... check the size of the card, the number of stitches (12 or 24) and hole alignment with cards that came with your machine
  • If a card has been manually punched (not printed and part of an original set) check it for accuracy before using it in a project
  • Confirm the starting line for YOUR machine
Punch your own cards
  • Use hand knitting charts for your inspiration - convert them to 12 or 24 stitch repeats
  • Use Cross stitch or needlepoint charts, but draft them on knitters graph paper first
  • Explore vintage machine knitting stitch pattern books, Stitch World Books and machine manuals. There are sooo many stitch patterns that already exist ... why re-invent the wheel? Just keep in mind the stitch count for your machine (12 or 24 stitch repeats).
    Download copies of these vintage books here.