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LIVE: Kangaroo Pockets

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Hoodie Classroom
Kangaroo Pattern
Hood Tool
Hood Workbook
Mock Ribbing LIVE
Mock Ribbing Variations

00:04:38 - Pocket Construction overview
00:07:00 - Mock ribbing used in sample
00:07:55 - Hoods
00:12:25 - Finish the pocket Edges
00:15:45 - Pinterest inspiration
00:17:17 - Pocket and garment different gauges?
00:24:09 - Knit-Alongs
00:25:19 - Updated LK-150 Classroom and NEW COURSE!

During the Knit Club, Terry asked:
"What if I want to knit the pocket in tuck and the sweater in plain knitting? Do I knit 2 swatches?"

The answer is YES! and ....

Check out the blog post discussing using different gauges for the pocket and the sweater front.