Standard Garment Styling Basics
The Basics
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Quick Start

When you want to get knitting, you want to spend your time at the machine, not the computer!

If you’ve knitted your swatch and know your gauge, use Standard Garment Styling and you can be at your machine in minutes.

Add your personal creativity, embellishments and color selections. The time you save designing the basic shape can be used to make your garment special!


Create Your First Garment

Create your Second Garment

Create a Short Sleeve Summer Top

Create a Winter Coat

Using the Custom Measurement Database

Easy Changes

Dak 8 - Armhole Alterations

Dak 8 - Upper Arm Adjustment

Dak 8 - Shoulder Slope

More Stuff You Should Know

DAK 8 - Duplicate a Sweater

DesignaKnit: Yarn Calculator

DAK- Raglan Sleeves