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Silver/Singer/Studio Machines

The lace carriage on the Silver/Singer/Studio machines can be used independently of the main knitting carriage:
  • Selects the needles according to the patterning device (punchcard or electronics)
  • Transfers the stitches
  • Knits the row
This is unlike the Brother lace carriage that does not knit

Simple Lace Transfers
on Silver/Singer/Studio Machines

Fashion Lace

If you have a Silver Reed/Studio/Singer standard gauge machine with a lace carriage, you may have heard of "Fashion Lace".

This term refers to stitch patterns that have multiple lace transfers between rows of knitting.

Because your lace carriage selects needles AND transfers stitches AND knits the row all in one pass of the lace carriage, 2 additional steps need to be taken to knit Fashion Lace.

Think of how a lace carriage works. When the lace carriage is passed in one direction stitches on selected needles are picked up, removed and transferred to an adjoining needle. But what if you want to position your eyelet away from the transferred stitch?

It would take multiple passes of the lace carriage to create this.

In order to make multiple passes and move stitches without knitting them you need to:
  • Remove the yarn from the yarn feeder AND
  • Set the carriage to knit Fashion Lace
As always, it's critical to have your manual and understand the settings for your machine.

More on multiple stitch transfers and Fashion Lace:

NOTE: Studio/Silver/Singer Fashion Lace punchcards have red indicators on the rows to pass the carriage without yarn AND change the carriage setting. BUT, any lace punchcard that has multiple stitch transfers can be used. The key is understanding how these cards are punched and understanding the function of the lace carriage.

Singer Fashion Lace punchcard