Johnny / Polo Collar

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Sandwiched Cardigan Collar
  1. Knit the neckline (shaped or cut 'n sew)
  2. Join the shoulders

  3. Hold the neckline up to the needlebed to establish the size of the collar
  4. Full Needle Rib Cast on that number of needles
  5. Knit the collar grading it if desired

  6. Set the carriage for tubular knitting
  7. Set tensions -2 numbers (tighter than garment tension)
  8. knit 12 rows (6 rounds) grading until you have reached the garment tension
  9. Do not cut the yarn

  10. Set the main bed carriage to slip (Brother KC buttons in - Silver Side levers)
  11. With scrap yarn, knitting only on the ribber, scrap off the ribber stitches
  12. Lay the sweater with the public (right) side facing, on top of the needlebed with the neckline facing
  13. Push the neck edge onto the gatepegs
  14. Push the main bed needles through the knitting
  15. Unhook the knitting from the gate pegs
  16. Hang the ribber stitches in the hooks of the needles
  17. If desired, remove the waste yarn to confirm all stitches are picked up

  18. Closing the latches, carefully pull the stitches in the hooks through the knitting, forming LONG stitches
  19. Pull stitch-through-stitch to bind off

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