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Oh no! Your Dynamic Pattern (or hand knitting pattern) tells you to cast on 224 stitches? Or maybe you want to knit a blanket for a king size bed?

Whether you are knitting a blanket or a plus size garment, you've probably discovered the fact that our knitting machines have a limited number of needles to work with. Unlike hand knitting, we can't use a longer cable needle and add more stitches. We have to get creative to knit larger pieces on the machine.

From a change in tension or stitch pattern to knitting and joining panels, this course offers options for working around the needlebed limitations.

Tips and Suggestions:
  • "Think-outside-the-box" techniques
  • Printable exercises

    for "hacking" a knitting pattern to add panels
  • Don't just watch .... follow the practice exercises .. get knitting and add some new techniques to your machine knitting bag of tricks.