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Your Way Diagonal Envelope

Your Way Diagonal Pillow
Fast 'n Easy, cut 'n sew pillow cover. Make it in a weekend.

Use self-striping yarn, knit weave or other stitch patterns for a custom look. NO MATH! ANY YARN! ANY MACHINE!

Enter your gauge and let Knit it Now create your custom pattern.

Your choice, make it your own design:
  • Use cut 'n sew for easy knitting
  • Work increases and decreases if you prefer
  • Diagonal front and plain back
  • Diagonal front and back
  • Removable or permanent pillow cover
  • Knit 2 swatches, enter both gauges and knit the front and back in different stitch patterns
Includes instruction for both cut 'n sew and shaped diagonal pieces.

Your Way Diagonal Pillow

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