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Computer aided drafting and design

Using computer software is another way of generating your own knitting patterns. Many knitters enjoy the challenge of using software for their knitting.

There are software packages and online pattern generators (like the Knit it Now Dynamic patterns). We have many options these days.

If you are planning to do a lot of garment design or want to create your own stitch patterns, here are some considerations:
  1. The cost to purchase and maintain the software
  2. The learning curve. (would you rather be knitting or playing with software?)
With that being said, there are valid reasons for using software with our knitting machines, especially the electronic machines.

Two of the more popular software package are Garment Designer and DesignAKnit.

Garment Designer

Garment Designer for Macintosh and Windows is a garment design program that has been on the market since 2001. It allows sewers to print a pattern, in tiled pages from a standard printer, to tape together. It also allows knitters to build and chart a garment. Knitters quickly found that the paper pattern was an excellent tool to use for blocking knits into perfect shape. Garment Styler was the previous version available from 1995 to 2001.

Garment Designer provides a multitude of features which make your design world not only simple, but very visual, and in general, a lot of fun.

The publisher of Garment Designer also has another tool Stitch Painter that can be used to create stitch patterns. Please visit Cochenille Design Studio for more information

Garment Designer: Get started in less than 5 minutes


DesignaKnit is a stand-alone software for designing garments, creating stitch patterns and communicating with our kntiting machines. No matter what type of machine you use, (manual or automatic patterning), you can use the power of DesignaKnit.

The complete package includes:
  • Standard Garment Styling
  • Original Pattern Drafting
  • Stitch Designer
  • Interactive Knitting
  • DesignaKnit Graphics Studio
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