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What patterns do you use for your machine?
1. Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns
2. Use hand knitting patterns
3. Chart your own patterns
4. Use software
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6. Vintage Machine Knitting Patterns
A mystery pattern. Can you decipher this?

Patterns from Knit it Now

Once upon a time, Sue sold coned yarn for machine knitters. Many of these yarns were one-of-a-kind. She would create patterns for the yarns

Because the patterns were written to a specific gauge, once the yarn sold out the patterns were obsolete.

Working in the software industry, Sue teamed up with her business partner, Matt (a talented programmer) and Knit it Now was born.

The Concept

Use online technology to offer a range of dynamic knitting patterns
  • ANY yarn
  • ANY machine
  • ANY stitch pattern
In other words, give knitters a way to create their own custom patterns
  • NO software to install (or learn)
  • Simple 3 step process
  • Adjustable dimensions for Perfect Fit