What patterns do you use for your machine?
1. Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns
2. Use hand knitting patterns
3. Chart your own patterns
4. Use software
5. Charting Devices
6. Vintage Machine Knitting Patterns
A mystery pattern. Can you decipher this?

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With so many knitwear designers in the hand knitting world, it would be silly for machine knitters to ignore their creativity.

There are very few patterns that can't be reproduced on the machine (with a little creativity). But sometimes it makes sense to skip using a specific pattern for machine knitting. It might be easier to make a different choice or hand knit the garment.

Ask yourself:
  • Is is possible? (some HK stitch patterns simply may not be do-able on the machine)
  • Is it practical? (a sweater knit entirely in garter stitch would not be practical on the machine)
  • Are you willing to do with it takes? (some stitch patterns are possible, but do you have the patience?)
Hand Knit Pattern Challenges Machine Knit Solutions
Pattern written in one gauge Use the Knit it Now Gauge Conversion tool to convert the pattern gauge to YOUR Gauge
In-the-round construction With a few exceptions, machine knitters can knit pieces flat and add seams.
Heavy Garter Stitch or knit/purl stitch combinations Substitute tuck, slip or other stitch patterns
Hand manipulate (or hand knit) small garter sections.
HK specific abbreviations, terms and techniques If possible, substitute MK techniques.