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Check it out!

Looking closely at the knitting in the video you'll notice where the shaping section ends and the knit straight section begins is a "wonky" spot.

This stretched out section is from that last held needle and wrap being stretched as the knit-straight section is being knit.

After the knitting "rested" (and adding a little steam) the wonky spot wasn't as noticeable

A solution to this wonky spot is to scrap off the shaped stitches before knitting the knit-straight section.

This method has 2 benefits:
  1. It prevents the last held stitches and wraps from stretching out
  2. It prevents any damage from the carriage passing over the stitches in hold repeatedly

No matter what shaping method you use, there will always be a noticeable divide were the shaping ends and the straight section starts. Be aware of this and do what you can to eliminate it.