Sideways Patterns
Needlebed Limitations
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Knit-along: Cuff to Cuff

Finishing Choices

Add bands, ribbing, i-cord, crochet or hand knit, (How about a rolled edge?) The sky's the limit!

If you are knitting a cardigan with a high neckline, be sure any neckline finish is LOOSE enough to go over the head

NOTE: The neck opening for the Cuff-to-Cuff Baby pattern is not large enough to add a band. It is designed to have garter stitch or seed stitch knit as the garment it knit. You can substitute crochet or an "Easy, Lazy Edge Finish"
Just be sure that whatever you use it is LOOSE, so the neck opening can go over the child's head.
Your choice: Hang hems, use your garter bar to create garter stitch, hand manipulate, add ribbing, hand knit and re-hang the stitches on the machine

Ribbing: If you don't like to bind off ribbing, knit your sleeves from cuff up and join them to the body of the adult sweaters

Hung hems: Knit your sleeves from the cuff up for easier, neater hems.
If you prefer to pick up the sleeves from the garment and knit to the cuff, you can also knit reverse Hung Hems
For invisible side seams, start and end the side seam areas with scrap yarn. Leave those stitches open and Kitchener Stitch (weave) the side seams for an "invisible" finish.
An easy sideways cardigan band can be created with Hung Hem .
  1. Cast on one side, hang a hem and complete the front piece.
  2. Cast on the other side, hang a hem, reverse the neckline and armhole shaping and knit the second piece.
  3. Add Buttonholes as appropriate.
Because these sweaters are knit sideways, consideration needs to be given to finishing the lower edge.
  • The standard crochet edge, or I-cord
  • Pick up and knit an edge by hand
  • As you are knitting the garment, leave a needle out of work 1-2" from the edge. When the knitting is complete, turn up the "hem" and stitch it in place.
Any pattern is just a blueprint...
you are the designer
make it your own!