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Do you NEED a Scarf Pattern?

3 ways to easily design your own scarf knitting pattern

Why search for a scarf pattern? Choose your yarn, stitch pattern and design your own!

Use the Knit it Now Rectangle/Square tool
  • Swatch, measure and enter your gauge
  • Enter on YOUR width and length
  • Let us do the math for you
  • Get Knitting

Use the Knit it Now DIY Scarf Pattern
  • Any yarn
  • Any machine
  • Any stitch pattern
  • No math

Chart your own pattern
  • Knit and measure a swatch to establish your gauge
  • Decide on width and length (8" x 60" is a common scarf size)
  • Do the math:
    • Multiply your stitch gauge (inches/cm) by the desired width
    • Multiply your row gauge (inches/cm) by the desired length
  • Get Knitting