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Options for hat brims

1 Hand Knitting

  • Knit the ribbing first
    Start by knitting your ribbing by hand, then rehang the stitches on the machine
  • Knit the ribbing last
    • Knit your hat (start with an open cast on)
    • Join your hat seam (make a tube)
    • Pick up the live stitches on a circular hand knitting needle
    • Knit the ribbing in the round

Knit your ribbing with your ribber then transfer stitches to the main bed and continue knitting single bed
A Transfer Carriage can make quick work of this (standard gauge machines only)

Single layer of Ribbing
  • Choose your needle arrangement (1x1, 2x1, 2x2 etc)
  • Remember to plan for a neat seam
Doubled Ribbing
  • Make it extra-warm over the ears
  • Don't forget to hide the seaming stitches.
Ribbed Hat
Consider knitting the entire hat in ribbing - just knit the desired length and gather the top. Easy-Peasy!