Basic Hung Hems
Picot Hems
Easiest Hem Ever ... Rolled Hems
Mock Ribbing
Get Fancy
Curved Hems
Want More Trim and Edge Inspiration?

Designer Hems for your Knitting

Plain or Fancy, hems can add the perfect touch to any knitting project.

If you are knitting a sweater, a simple cast on edge may be the casual look you want. Traditional ribbed hems and cuffs have their place ... but you can do so much more!

No matter what your pattern says, take charge and plan for hems for your next project!

Break out of the ribbing rut ... try hung hems

Ribbing has it's place and time, but hems can add so much to your designs!

Hung Hem Basics

Basic Turning Rows

Hung Hem with Cast on Comb

Reverse Hung Hem

Perfect Designer Hems

No Fuss, Upside-Down, Hung Hem

Hung Hems are NOT ugly!

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Don't discount hung hems as finishing technique!

Check out these tutorials:

Hung Hem Basics


Perfect Designer Hems

Basic Turning Rows

An Easy Feminine Touch

Always popular with machine knitters, a picot hem can add a feminine touch to hems (and bands).

Simply transferring a few stitches creates the picots. Work them by hand, or a lace carriage (standard gauge machines) makes quick work of the transfers.

There are a variety of methods for creating picot hems. (Best Ever Picot Hem is our favorite ... what about you?)

Not just for hems, these techniques can be used for pockets, collars, bands and anywhere you have an edge on your knitting

What is your favorite?

Best Ever Picot Hem

Flat Picot Hem

Picot and Eyelet Hem

No Fuss, Casual Finish

Rolled Hem Study

Crisp Rolled Edge

Explore Mock Ribbing

Mock Ribbing is formed with needles out of work and resembles ribbing (without purl stitches and with less stretch)

Mock Ribbing is often one the first techniques a new knitter learns, and it's often forgotten or overlooked. This technique is worth exploring for it's ease of knitting and may be just the thing you need for your next project.

Mock Ribbing

Mock Ribbing How To

Seaming Mock Ribbing

Mock Ribbing Variations

A little extra effort

Chained Hem

Scalloped Eyelet Hem

Faux Garter Stitch Hems

Add Curves - Shirt tail Hems

Curves on the front hems of a cardigan or at the sides of a sweater (for a shirt tail look) add a designer touch.

Combine other hem techniques with short row shaping for graceful, feminine hems

Curved Hems - Overview

Knitting Curved Hems

Curved Hems - The NO MATH Way

Curved Hems with DesignaKnit (DAK)

Use DAK to add curved hems to your garments.

Dak 8 - Curved hemline

Dak 8 Copy Curved Hem Shaping

Let's talk about Curved Hems

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A Diophantine equation is an equation in which only integer solutions are allowed.
In knitting it's used to chart the increases/decreases for shaped pieces.
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