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Choices, Choices, Choices

A well executed seam means the difference between "home made" and "hand made"

"OK, Sue... how do you really feel about this?"

Unless you only knit scarves or 1 panel blankets, you need seams. Scroll through this classroom and you'll see nearly a zillion different seaming methods, and this only scratches the surface of techniques that knitters have used over the years.

In some of the older Japanese manuals, they demonstrate using a sewing machine for seaming your knitted pieces. (be still my heart)

You may disagree, but the idea of blocking, pinning, basting, adding blocking wires, then using a sewing machine isn't my idea of fun.

OK .... I do LOVE cut 'n sew ... but that's a whole different topic!

Check out the variety of seaming methods that follow ... see any new to you? Give them a try!