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Accurate Gauge Measurement Methods

This tutorial covers 2 different methods of measuring gauge: working with gauge rulers and using a standard ruler. It includes a discussion about the green ruler, yellow ruler and blue rulers.

The green, yellow, and blue gauge rulers were originally designed to "standardize" measuring gauge. DesignaKnit refers to gauge based on these standards. Charting Devices (Knit Leader, Knit Radar) use these standards as well.

  • You don't NEED these rulers to measure gauge. A regular ruler works fine.
  • It's the calibration of the ruler that is important, not the color. In other words, you could use a green ruler and measure 40 stitches and 60 rows knit on any gauge machine (although it might not be practical).
  • No matter what method you use, be consistent to prevent mistakes.

Green (Standard Gauge) 40 stitches / 60 rows
Yellow (Mid Gauge) 30 stitches / 40 rows
Blue (Bulky/Chunky) 20 stitches / 30 rows

NOTE: you may find gauge rulers in other colors and shapes made by third-party manufacturers. The key is to identify the scale that the ruler is using. It should be printed on the ruler. If you aren't sure, you can't rely on that ruler to give you accurate gauge measurements.