Blankets on the Knitting Machine
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Let's construct a blanket

Depending on the desired size of your blanket, there are 2 ways to approach knitting it on your machine:

Knit it one piece. Depending on your gauge and the number of needles available on your machine. You can knit baby blankets, Kids blankets and lap robes.

Knit in panels or sections. Create blankets in ANY width with multiple panels. Use the panels as design elements. Create "invisible" seams or use the joining seams as design elements.

Size Suggestions

Width Length
Small Preemie 24" 60cm 24" 60cm
Bassinette 16" 40cm 36" 90cm
Cradle 20" 50cm 36" 90cm
Large Preemie 36" 90cm 36" 90cm
Toddler or Lapghan 36" 90cm 48" 122cm
Child 42" 106cm 48" 122cm
Crib 30" 76cm 54" 137cm
Standard Throw 48" 122cm 60 152cm
Adult Throw 48" 122cm 78" 198cm