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Taiwan Textile Manufacturing - tie-tex-ma

Taitexma was established in 1989 and since 2000 has specialized in flat bed and circular knitting machines for both domestic and industrial markets. More than half of their sales are customized products for industry.

The machines have been imported into the US for over 12 years. They have proven to be of high quality, reliable and offer everything the home knitter is looking for.

Similar to the Brother / Knit King machines, the punchcard machines pre-select needles and use similar terminology for the dials and levers that control stitch patterning.

These machines are being used at the Rhode Island School of Design (RSDI) to educate a new generation of knitwear designers.

I am in LOVE with my new TH160 Mid-gauge and ribber. It's a huge step up from the LK-150 ~Sue
The Taitexma line offers 3 gauges:

Standard Gauge 4.5mm
  • Extended bed (272 needles)
  • 24 stitch Punchcard
  • Lace Carriage Included
  • Slip, tuck, partial knitting, weave, fairisle
  • Ribber Available (TR-850L)
Mid-Gauge 6mm
TH/TR-160 Bundle
  • Main bed AND ribber
  • Manual patterning
  • 164 needles
  • Built-in Intarsia Carriage
  • Slip, tuck, partial knitting, thread lace
  • Fisherman rib, English rib, circular knitting
LK-150 knitters: This is the perfect next step on your journey!
Metal bed and ribber.

Bulky Gauge 9mm