Sue Jalowiec

1 year ago
Thanks to a suggestion by @Lorraine Lucas we've added 2 new categories to the forum.

Over the years, I've always tried to be machine-neutral, but moving forward, I will try to include more references to the differences between the machines.

Your posts in these new sections will help other knitters who may be struggling with translating Brother-speak.

Margaret Krug

1 year ago
That would be nice as I have a Studio machine and I am in no man's land--I have no dealers, yarn shops, etc in my area so I am on my own. I like my machine and love to knit on it but get so frustrated when problems arise and I have no solution or anyone to discuss it with. Makes me want to give it up! Since I joined Knit It Now things have gotten a little better at least I can get some help when needed. Thank you for tha.
Cynthia Quill

1 year ago
I might be having a brain drain, but where are the new categories listed? I din't see them when I select to show all categories. Thanks.
Sue Jalowiec

1 year ago

You are replying to an old post ... please ignore it ... BTW - we are in the process of implementing a completely new Community forum. It will be open to all machine knitters (not just KIN members) and it should be easier to use.

Stay tuned! ðŸ˜„

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