Janet McCaffrey

2 years ago
Hello - I’ve been machine knitting for a while and recently added a Ribber (Srp60n). I am have a devil of a time swatching Caron Skinny. The circular cast on works fine - but the first row always jams. I’ve tried more weight, less weight. I’ve run the gamut on tension settings on both carriages and the mast. Any suggestions?
Sue Jalowiec

2 years ago

Hi Janet!
So the problem is just with this yarn?  Not others?

A suggestion would be to first cast on with waste yarn, then knit a row of ravel cord and then try to cast on with the "problem" yarn.  Sometimes just having that waste yarn and cast on comb in place helps.

If the cast on is still problematic, knit the row of ravel cord, then start knitting with the problem yarn. 
You'll have to "bind off" that cast on edge when the piece is knit.  I'd use a "sewn" bind off
This may not be the prettiest edge, but it's a work-around for your struggles.

What about hand knitting the ribbing and hanging the stitches on the machine?



Janet McCaffrey

2 years ago
That worked. I noticed it’s difficult to keep the mast tension loose enough with the Caron skinny. I actually thought about rewinding the cake and seeing if that didn’t help. I also have a theory that my machine doesn’t like anything I buy on sale.
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