Cynthia Quill

2 years ago

Sorry if I sound frustrated. I see videos for collars, necklines, cuffs, etc. But, I am having problems finding something about actually putting it all together, ie the sleeves to the actual sweater? There may be something about this, but I have not found it. I have the sweater and sleeves, I have the neck done, shoulders are stitched. But, I am confused about the sleeves.

Sleeves were done cuff up. The top of the sleeve, the part that is supposed to be attached to the sweater armhole shoulder is live stitches on scrap off. The armhole is the one where there are a few stitches creating a short little straight section due to the bind off. It is the strawberry sweater. 

On the front and back, when you get to the armhole, you just bind off stitches on left and right ends. In my case, I had to bind off 7 stitches each end. Then you continue and do the neck, etc, but the armhole has that flat section where the 7 stitches were bound off on each end.

What do I do with those live stitches at the top of the sleeve that are on scrap? I assume they get attached to the shoulder somehow, but the shoulder is not live stitches, it is the edges of rows. 

How do I treat that flat 7 stitch section on each end of the front and back where the armhole starts? Where does the sleeve stop? When I attach the sleeve, where do the live stitches get sewn into the armhole? Do I stop at the spot where the 7 stitches were decreased, or do I attch the sleeve using the flat "ledge" created by the 7 stitches being bound off? If I stop at the 7 stitch ledge, what do I do with that section of 7 stitches that will be dangling off each edge? What happens when the sides re stitched in regards to those flat or straight sections where the 7 stitches were bound off?

I think, but am not positive, I think I pick up stitches evenly on the back and front to equal the live stitches, I divide the live stitches in half and attach to the same needles as are holding the picked up stitches. The center will stitch will be at the shoulder seam. What I do not know is if I include the 7 stitches at each end that were bound off or if the sleeve stitches and armhole stitches stop at the point the 7 stitches were bound off, that flat section of the bound off stitches. Am I anywheres near on target? Please correct anything I am wrong in, and what am I to do where the 7 stitches were bound off on each end of the front and back.

I was trying to take photos, but this acrylic yarn keeps curling and I have a lot of yarn strings dangling because I have no idea which ones I will need to stitch up the sweater. I used to cut them off, but was too often sorry I did that when it came time to sew the sweater together, so not I have a bunch of long yarn ends, wound up and knotted, dangling all over. I will see if I can get photos that are not really confusing, but maybe someone else has done this and knows how to put it all together. 

Part of the problem may be that I had to be away for a while and this is all confusing to me again and I always have issues re-learning something. Sorry 'bout that.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer. I will try to get photos and also search some more. My battery is fading, so I have to charge up before I can do too much snooping around again. One good thing about doing all this snooping around is that I keep finding things I didn't see before. Nice. �

Thank you.


Sue Jalowiec

2 years ago
Hi Cynthia,
I'm sorry you are so frustrated.

In the pattern notes of section 7 are some instructions about the cuff up sleeves

I'm wondering if you printed your pattern and missed the on-screen instructions. 

You'll be picking up and joining the red lines in the drawing below.
cynthia.jpg Since you are using a phone, it will look more like this

Also here's a video that will help. You can find this one in the sleeves classroom


As for the underarm stitches for a square armhole.  after you join the top of the sleeve, you can stitch those "yellow lines" together when you seam the body.
Sue Jalowiec

2 years ago
Yarn ends ... One thing you can do is manage those yarn ends as you knit.

If you've joined a new end of yarn in the middle of a piece, weave it over and under the needles before you knit the next row. Then clip it off right there and then.

With experience you'll discover which ends you will use for seaming.  When you take the knitting off the machine, make a yarn butterfly or use a bobbin to tame those long ends until you need them.

Cynthia Quill

2 years ago
Perfect! I knew I saw some of that information somewhere. I completely forgot about the online instruction part. I should have made a not on my print off to check back to the online instructions for the sleeve to armhole attaching. I really am not find of having my pad or computer being used when knitting and print the instructions off. It is like starting all over, �.

Also, I missed the video completely on my search. it was perfect! I have tagged it. 

And, last but not least, thanks for the yarn ends tips. 

Thank you so very much. Things are starting to look a little familiar now. After I finish my coffee, back tomthe machine Imgo and I WILL attach those sleeves. All my stitch counts for the pieces and rows matched up and the pieces look right, �. It was a lot of fun doing it.

I might try a full size sweater for myself next, with a washable wool yarn. I don't know anyone who would wear the size I just made. If it is a good one, I will donate it. 
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