Karen Cohen

1 year ago
I’ll be doing a practice piece to work out some details, but maybe someone can steer me in the right direction before I get tied up in knots (literally?) ðŸ˜? When binding off in Fair Isle patterning working on a SK280 (punch card), would you use both colors to do the bind off? Pick one and use that? I’ve knit Fair Isle before, but I have a project (vest) I’d like to make and have just realized I’ve always done straight pieces - either scarves or cut & sew panels and don’t really know the ins & outs of shaping while working this technique. Thanks for any insight, Karen
Sue Jalowiec

1 year ago
Hi Karen,
RE Binding off in Fairisle.
  1. If the bind of edge is going to be "public" ( unfinished) you might want to alternate the colors used for the bind off
  2. If the bind off edge is going to be covered with a band or enclosed in a seam, I would just use one color across the row.
Shaping in Fairisle

The key to shaping is the end needle selection.  
Work your increases and decreases AT LEAST 1 stitch from the edge and ensure the end needle catches the yarn, so any floats travel all the way to the edge.

This video talks about end needle selection with tuck, but the ideas apply to fairisle as well.

http:// https://www.knititnow.com/learn/tutorial/2068/end-needle-selection-silver-singer
Karen Cohen

1 year ago
Thank you, that’s good to know about binding off, and the tutorial is very helpful. It’s good to have the resources available here - much appreciated! Karen
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